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  • We now have housing available at $50 a night! Click on the Resources/Policies tab to find out more information!
  • Get paid every Friday
  • Refer an RN (once they work a few shifts) you will receive a $200 bonus
  • Refer an LVN (once they work a few shifts) you will receive a $100 bonus
  • Bonus's available ($100-$200) to all nurses after working a 13-week contract or not missing any shifts for 39 shifts in a row
  • RN Charge Nurse pay is an extra $2/hr
  • Health Insurance available for all employees
                Rates are based on a 36 hour work week and experience 
Take home even more money and click Apply Today or email our HR at

​Finding Qualified Staff for Hospitals, Psychiatric Facilities, and Nursing Homes

At Advantage Health Care Staffing, we provide highly experienced and adaptable staffing services to health care facilities for all of Texas and Louisiana. We have over 40 facilities to work at. The owners have more than 30 years of nursing experience in the industry and we are one of the highest paying travel nursing agencies in Texas.

Registered nurses can make up to $90+ an hour!

Make the most money in the least amount of time!

Nurses must juggle multiple competing demands on their physical capabilities, personal resources, income, and time.  We are constantly seeking to achieve balance and personal equilibrium.  One way to accomplish this is by working agency.  No where is it written you must travel with a travel agency.  You can work in your hometown and/or the next town over.  By not traveling, you save on gas, wear and tear on your car, travel time and lodging expenses.  The benefits you will receive are, more time to rest, spend with your family, make more money and put in less hours worked. 

If you want to travel, it's a great way to work/vacation at the same time.  Work your 3 days then spend the next 4 days exploring the town.  You will meet all kinds of people and make new friends.  You will also get to help people who really need it.

The biggest perk to agency nursing is politics are minimized.  Office politics are found in any workplace, and nursing is no exception.  In high stress jobs, tension between coworkers can run even more rampant.  Assignments typically range from 3-13 weeks.

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